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From: Paul Myers
Publisher of TalkBiz News


What's this all about? Doing business online, or using the net to promote your offline business.

Our tagline pretty much says it: "News, reviews, and how-tos. Rants, raves, and ramblings. And, just occasionally, a touch of humor."

I've been publishing this little e-rag since 1996. It's delivered via email, and is not always the kind of short message you may have come to expect. Issues have ranged from as few as 35 words to as much as 24 pages.

I don't publish on a set schedule. I send the newsletter when I have something to say that I think will be useful. Or when I find or create a product I believe will make you money or make your business life easier.

No, I won't be sending you 4 messages a day. (You're heartbroken, right?) Once you've finished the original welcome series, it would be very unusual to get 4 messages from me in a week.

And, of course, you can unsubscribe any time you want.

So, what's with these free books?

The first is "Need to Know." That's a 112-page collection of original articles on things I've found are important in creating an online business. Like a lot of what I write, much of it applies to non-business stuff as well.

The topicas include becoming unstoppable, the 6 things you must include in everything you do online, a digital asset inventory, the most important skill you can learn in the game, creating winning content, scaling it all up, and more.

Things you, well, need to know. Or that will at least make your life online easier.

The "Best Of" book is 155 pages of some of my favorite articles from the first 20 years of the newsletter. Not only is there some great stuff in here, there's a neat tech trick in the way it's formatted that you might find handy.

Everything from wombats to gift-wrapping a bear and arguing with a robot. I'm hoping you'll have as much fun with this one as I did.

Oh yeah... there are a few bits in here that'll help you make money, too.

To get it all for free, along with the newsletter, just add your email address to the form below and click the button.

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Thanks for reading this far. And enjoy the books!


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